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PT Java Gondang Nusantara​

PT. Java Gondang Nusantara is a trading company based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Our company has many years of experience in the export trade of energy products and natural products from Indonesia with the best quality that we have.

We have also established business cooperation with customers spread across European and Asian countries, such as Azerbaijan, Finland, South Korea, Malaysia, and others.

Our specialization in the export trade industry is evidenced by the increasing demand for our superior products such as charcoal, ginger, fruits, cocoa powder, and many other products from the agricultural product category that are our mainstay.

Java Gondang Nusantara Products

This is our products for food and spices from Indonesia. There are some of the products are or own development from start until package.

This is our products for energy and etc that will be provide for you around the world. We make our best products for this. 

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PT Java Gondang Nusantara also always ensures that the products to be sent to customers in other countries are of the highest quality and in accordance with the required specifications. We strive to be the best solution and choice for customer needs. To achieve this, our company has an experienced team in the quality control division whose job is to ensure the best production quality and according to customer needs.

The existence of this security standardization system can convince buyers to do business with us, because every transaction that runs can be ensured its security.

PT Java Gondang Nusantara always strives to be the pride of the nation that plays an active role in efforts to increase export transactions from Indonesia to the international world as well as improve the welfare of the community and farmers. 

Therefore, our company strives to collaborate on a balanced mix between aspects of business profit and non-business roles through sustainable social responsibility practices such as collaborating with suppliers and domestic farmers to implement a product standardization system in order to create local products that are ready for export.

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