Coconut Hexagonal Shisha Charcoal From Indonesia



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Why you have to buy our best quality Coconut Hexagonal Shisha Charcoal?

Coconut Hexagonal Shisha Charcoal from Indonesia is an integral part of the hookah experience. We Guarantee that you buy Best Quality Coconut Cube Shisha Charcoal From Indonesia and with so many options to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. The good news is that we at have done all the hard work for.

Why Java Charcoal?

– There are many different types of hookah charcoal to choose from, and because of decision could affect your smoking session.
– If you are the hookah user, Our Java Charcoal Coconut Hexagonal Shisha Charcoal are best in quality and performance to use for.
– They burn hotter and longer than most other shisha coals.

There are several different shapes of natural¬†hookah charcoal, including cubes, flats, hexagon, and more. The type of coal that’s best for you depends on if you are using foil or heat management device, what kind of shisha you are smoking.

As a results, in around the world, hookah has hardly broken from tradition as it is still revered as a way to show respect and provide good hospitality as it was 100s years ago.

Who is Java Gondang Nusantara?

PT Java Gondang Nusantara, produces all type of charcoal. We are the finest coconut shell charcoal factory in Indonesia, our experience been for twenty years for doing charcoal business.

All the charcoal that we use are made from best quality coconut shell as our raw material. And also we use the very best wood material for firewood charcoal and other charcoal products. With the professional engineers, we are using all the newest technology for improving our products.

We were also a trading company based on Yogyakarta.

Weight10000 kg
Dimensions25 × 25 × 5 cm


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