Firewood Logs Dry Quality From Indonesia



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Firewood Logs Dry Quality

Java Gondang Nusantara does not only produce coconut shell charcoal or wood powder but we also produce firewood logs as our innovation. Like the charcoal made from other materials, people around the world use it for grilling food.

We regularly export our product to the middle east countries like Saudi Arabia as the people like to hold family gathering while enjoying the grilled food.

How can we guarantee the quality?

Qualified Indonesian firewood logs dry quality is the favorite choice as we use the best materials. 

Based on our market research, people in Saudi Arabia really appreciate the food taste. Which is made in a highly qualified process, they are reluctant to use fossil based material, proven by finding many Arabian culinaries like kebuli and mandi rice which are cooked with the heat of firewood charcoal. We did the research to know details related to our firewood logs high demand.

Knowing the firewood characteristic

The characteristic of firewood logs produced by are no spark while burning, flammable, completely process of burning and the ash is mostly white instead of dark grey. Make sure you choose our product because to fulfill your logs needs.

PT Java Gondang Nusantara are produces all type of charcoal. We are the finest coconut shell charcoal factory in Indonesia, our experience been for twenty years for doing charcoal business.

All the charcoal products could be custom as you need to. We use all best quality coconut shell as our raw material. And also we use the best wood material for firewood logs and other charcoal products.

With the professional engineers, we are using all the newest technology for improving our products. We were also a trading company based on Yogyakarta. Some other products are serve for customer from around the world.


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