Natural Lump Wood Charcoal from Indonesia



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What is natural lump wood charcoal?

Indonesia is well known as the country in the world which produces the best natural charcoal. This kind of charcoal is also the product of to fulfill because the needs and the global market demand.

With the factory located in a strategic and representative area and the experts who work in PT. Java Gondang Nusantara, we commit to produce the best natural charcoal. 

Coconut shell charcoal in briquettes or it is called natural lump wood charcoal is used for natural alternative fuel especially for household or industry needs.

As a tropical country, Indonesia has a lot of natural resources made from coconut. Almost all parts of the fruit are useful including the shell.

How we made it?

We use all best quality coconut shell as our raw material and also we use the best wood material for firewood charcoal and other charcoal products.

With the professional engineers, because we are using all the newest technology for improving our products.

We realize that the use of coconut shells to produce natural charcoal for household or industry needs has two  benefits, the first is supporting alternative renewable energy.

The second one is our participation to solve the environment waste problem. Come and join our business to get benefits: getting the qualified natural charcoal and participating in environmental conservation.

Contact us at:

PT Java Gondang Nusantara, produces all type of charcoal. Since we are the finest coconut shell charcoal factory in Indonesia, our experience been for twenty years for doing charcoal business.

However the charcoal products could be custom as you need to.

Kindly please contact us if you need the best natural charcoal with rough texture and not easily broken. The high level of carbonisation is the prove that our natural charcoal is high quality.


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